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a VP of Product & UX/UI Designer who can code. I currently design tools for #web3, #gaming, and #productivity

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... Im Eduardo, I enjoy simple things in life like Chess, Meditating and Poetry.

... I began designing and coding products when I was 15 years old in Colombia; I did not go to college, I made most of my education by building things while watching youtube courses.

... Forever grateful to the the entire web community, Coursera, MIT, Berkeley, Stanford. >_ Experience:~ $Most of my work experience has been building or helping startups to build great products from diverse industries such as the future of work, SaaS, and the marketplaces. >_ Role:~ $product-system-integrator I enjoy imagining what a final product would look like and how it would change an industry if it were to exist, identifying the fundamentals and key new technologies that would be required to make it happen, and collaborating with the different teams, from design to engineering to manufacturing, to deliver a brilliant final product.

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A platform that helps people be more authentic and private in their everyday lives by using AI Video Avatars.


A platform for teams to centralized and connect company's knowledge with "multi-dimensional" collaboration.

:~$Workep V4

Workep is an All-In-One project management platform fully integrated with G Suite. It enabled teams to collaborate in real time on projects while staying in sync with the tools they use everyday.

:~$Workep V3

All-In-One project management platform fully integrated with G Suite to help marketing teams and agencies to centralize work.


Magno was a project that aimed to bring project-based workflows from various apps together. As a result, teams could have a single dashboard where all of the data is collected.

:~$Workep Mobile

Workep mobile hybrid apps for Android and iOS were a project with the major goal of providing the core web actions customers would require while prioritizing speed and simplicity.

:~$Oasis Onboarding

A trip booking app that allows users to chat and plan their trip together and split the budget for each person.

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... 10 years


Product Design

UI/UX Design

3D Design

Product Management

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